Madewell X Milk Bar Collab Has Dropped


This collab is sweeter than a bowl of cereal, milk, and ice cream from the famous sweets shop.

Founder Christina Tosi joined forces with the denim brand for the release of five limited edition products, including a Momofuku cookbook so you can recreate your Milk Bar favorites.

If you aren’t the best at baking from scratch, Tosi and Madewell have created a blue(berry) jeans cookie mix. This would be the perfect gift for a friend trying to expand beyond their ramen cooking skills!

If you’re just trying to show your love for cookies in a fashionable way, take a look at the bandana and tee that the pair created. The navy blue bandana would look awesome tied on your wrist as a bracelet or even as a headband when it is time to break out your baking skills in the kitchen. The t-shirt may be everyone’s favorite though, with the cookie that peers above the pocket of the shirt.

we’ve cooked up something special / more news tomorrow, stay tuned #madewellxmilkbar

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For the serious chef in you (or probably one of your parents), you may want to consider the denim apron. Mixing style and versatility, Madewell has given us a sturdy piece that will hold up to any mess it may face in the kitchen.

To take a further look at the products mentioned, click here. Everyone on your gifting list this year will thank you.