Black Women Bring Home the Alabama Senate Election for Doug Jones


Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in Tuesday’s Alabama Senate race with an overwhelming support from Black women voters.

Out of all Black female voters, 98 percent cast their ballots for Jones, the Democratic candidate.


One has to think how 75% of white males could cast their ballot for Roy Moore, a man facing numerous sexual misconduct allegations including accusations from women who had been young girls aging in range from 14-17 attending high school when they were pursued by Moore. Moore was also banned from a mall and praised slavery times in America. Moore has been suspended from his duties as a judge twice. He has been criticized for making anti-semitic statements as well. So why are black women continuing to have to save America from itself?

Doug Jones thanked many during his winning speech and made sure to thank the African American community for their support. He stated, “The African-American community, thank you. My friends — my friends in the Latino community, thank you. To all my Jewish friends, happy Hanukkah. We have built this everywhere we have gone. We have had that same energy. We’ve had that same excitement.”

This isn’t the first time black women have tried to save America. During Trump’s election, 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton attempting to make her the first female president and avoid the sexual allegation whirlwind and lying fiasco that we are currently enduring under Trump. 53 percent of white women voted for Trump and put him into office.


Check out more of the statistics from The Washington Post below and see the numbers for yourself on how black women were not buying Moore’s excuses and believed he is guilty of sexual misconduct. Not so much with white males and female voters.

Overall, noneducated white women still feel a need to side with the candidates that their husbands and fathers are voting for. There needs to be more solidarity amongst black and white female voters to break the cycle of white women consistently voting against their own issues. Most of Moore’s sexual allegations are coming from his own party, Republicans, and those same supporters are defending his actions. It will take time but the time for change is now. Black women need to be heard, elected to various offices and given some of the power that has been dominated by white males, to help bring change to the country for the betterment of women. The day of having no voice is over. Black women need to be supported and applauded.

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