35 Years of Female Empowerment: A Birthday Tribute to Nicki Minaj


The one and only Nicki Minaj celebrated her 35th birthday on December 8th.

Dazed Magazine

She has been a worldwide power figure for years, rebelling against stereotypical female ideals and changing the game for female rappers in the industry. With her creative and colorful image, she has a presence in the media everywhere from the music to acting to fashion and beauty industries, with her fair share of critics as well as supporters. Nicki’s showed us how to never be scared of being ourselves again, and every girl growing up was inspired by her confidence.  

Marie Claire

Take a trip down memory lane with us as learn about some of Nicki Minaj’s most dramatic moments in her years opening doors for women.


“Starships” was one her first solo big hit- and that’s an understatement. The song came out in 2012, and it brought a voice to female rapping and showed that women could compete on her own in the industry. It was one of the first of it’s kind to shock the industry, and the rap community would not be the same without it today.

Fader Magazine

She emerged with this exuberant image that was unlike anything we have ever seen before, and absolutely nailed it. Nicki defied the standards of how a woman was supposed to behave and appear in the media, a game changer for women in all industries. She also raised the awareness of women of color in the music industry, one which often degrades women and primarily showcases white women.

Nylon Magazine

Almost every name in the industry quotes Nicki Minaj as an inspiration, and for absolute good reason- she is an inspiration for all women and people of color and a reminder that no wall is too high and that you should absolutely never refrain from being yourself. Thank you for everything you’ve offered the music industry and women in your life so far Nicki, we can’t wait to see what other boundaries you break through.