Make Any Chocolate Lover’s Holiday with the Chocolate Pizza Company

These dark and milk chocolate gift baskets from the Chocolate Pizza Company were actually amazing.

Chocolate Pizza is a new chocolate company that will melt any chocolate lover’s heart. We tried their dark and milk chocolate gift baskets and were super surprised at the quality and taste of the chocolate. It was such a great blend of flavors in each signature piece. The chocolate was smooth and delicious and full of quality.

Each gift basket was filled to the brim with all of these specialty chocolate items. Inside the gift basket, we found Peanut Butter Wings, chocolate covered pretzels, Snow Buddy, Holiday Sparkler, Caramel & Nut Drumstick, chocolate covered graham crackers and S’more treats. Holding this all together was a 16-ounce Snowflake Chocolate Pizza made with milk or dark chocolate. We tried both.

The pizza’s are super cute and can be customized when sold individually. Just break off a slice and enjoy. These are great for holiday parties.

You can’t eat just one of these chocolate covered pretzels. Have someone hide the bag.

These caramel turtles are super rich and decadent. Hey, you can always break off a piece and share.

So, let’s talk about these Peanut Butter Wings. You have not lived until you’ve tried them. The blend of salty chips mixed with peanut butter and chocolate will leave your head swirling. Again, share, share, share.

We dare you to take just one bite of this Caramel & Nut Drumstick. Is that sea salt sprinkled on top? Why yes, it is…

To get your basket of milk or dark chocolate treats, head over to Chocolate Pizza and get your order in for the holidays. It’s a great treat for the holiday season.