Everyone Loves a Beverage Container Gift, Try These Picks from EcoVessel


Struggling with what to get your mom or dad, significant other or bestie? We’ve found some great last minute gifts for the holidays.

EcoVessel makes premium hydration vessels and food containers for everything from coffee, tea, water, vino or sparkling soda. They maintain the optimal temperature while reducing dependence on single use plastics.

Their BOULDER Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle even comes with a Loose Tea, Fruit, or Ice Strainer. They are awesome for infusing your own water before a trip or just lounging around the house.

These make a great gift for someone on your list that loves to hike, picnic, bonfire or take long walks on the beach. Their products are super sleek and modern and hold anything that you want to keep at a controlled temperature.  Match your favorite friend this holiday to one of the many styles of products EcoVessel offers.

Eco Vessel is passionate about giving back.  Part of their mission is to support organizations that work to provide clean drinking water around the world. Eco Vessel has partnered with Water for People, whose mission is to provide long-lasting solutions to the water, sanitation, and hygiene problems in the developing world.

What better gift than one that gives back. To find out more and see their full range of containers and colors, head over to Ecovessel.com.