Zoella’s Advent Calendar Has New Price Tag

What’s so controversial about a calendar?

Photo Credit: Zoella.co.uk

YouTube and beauty guru Zoella is coming under fire over her advent calendar this year. Reasoning being: it’s way overpriced.

Included in the advent calendar are the following: a bauble, confetti, purse, 130 gram candle, two cookie cutters, a notepad, key ring, pen, 30 mL of room spray, stickers, and a votive. The retail price of her calendar is fifty pounds, or sixty-five U.S dollars. A lot of fans are stating it’s over priced after doing research and finding the wholesale price of most of her products she’s sold in the product. Most of the wholesale pricing seems to be all under one to five dollars. When totaling the wholesale prices, it equated to around twenty-one dollars which should then be sold around twenty-five or twenty-six dollars to make a decent profit.

Zoella’s team is claiming the pricing is more high due to having to monogram each piece with the video star’s name, but fans aren’t buying it and feel ripped off.

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Due to the controversy, Boots, the retailer of the calendar has split the cost of it in half to make it reasonable for buying customers.

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