Wal-Mart Is Teaming up with Lord & Taylor

Wal-mart is teaming up with Lord & Taylor to provide customers with luxury fashion.

Wal-mart and Lord & Taylor want to give their customers everything they could want. Right now, they are working together to provide an online premium fashion

destination. Wal-mart decided to pursue this after they noticed their customers were searching for higher-end items than what they were offering.

So what does this mean for customers?

You will now be able to find higher-end clothing right on the Wal-mart website. The deal will have greatly positive effects on both Wal-mart and Lord & Taylor. Wal-mart can now provide more products that the customers want and Lord & Taylor as a company will experience rapid growth and a broader audience.

Wal-mart says it is beginning to build out elements of discovery and inspiration within its fashion portion of their website. It is unclear right now whether they will be making deals with more higher-end brands but it is surely likely.

You will be able to buy Lord& Taylor on Walmart.com starting in the spring of 2018.

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