Jaclyn Hill is Creating her Own Makeup Line

*** Beauty Lovers Everywhere Patiently Waiting For The Launch Of This Line***

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Famous YouTuber, beauty guru, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, Jaclyn Hill is in the process of creating her very own makeup line which will be called Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. The launch is still a mystery to fans, but that doesn’t mean the filmography glamour artist can’t tease us with her process.



Along with announcing her struggles with naming her products, the unofficial yet official Instagram page for Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is set to release sometime this year based on it’s bio. The bio also states that Jaclyn has been working on the line since 2014 and wants it to be absolutely perfect.

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With her widely successful highlighter Champagne Pop and partnership with Morphe, it’s already assumed her line will be ranking in top sales come 2018. Are you excited about Jaclyn’s makeup line?

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