Nikkie Tutorials Visits London and Collabs With Patrick Star For Villain Makeup Looks

Nikkie stops by London and looks gorgeous doing so.

Nikkie announced Wednesday through her Twitter that she’ll be making a quick trip to London and based on her latest Instagram upload we’re so glad she did.

The YouTube star filmed for her channel while in London after collaborating with fellow beauty guru Patrick Star on Disney villain makeup looks. Nikkie stepped up famous Dalmatians’ villain Cruella De Vil with teased up grey and black hair, sea-foam green eye shadow, and bright red lipstick as Patrick Star illuminates the dark side with bright pink and white eye shadow paired with deep red-lined lips and adorned crown to complete his look of The Evil Queen.

Nikkie’s makeup tutorials have been on a roll this month due to Halloween and I can’t wait to see what she’s filmed in London. Do you like Nikkie’s latest Disney look?

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Instagram/ Photo Credit: @NikkieTutorials