Teddy Geiger Announces Sexual Transition

Everyone remembers jamming to their favorite 2006 hit “For You I Will” during the Saturday morning “Top 20 Countdown” right?

While the singer may have only really been known for that one song, Geiger went forward with a career in songwriting. They assisted in the writing of Shawn Mendes hits  “Stitches” and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”, along with two songs from One Direction’s album “Midnight Memories.”

Teddy made the announcement on their Instagram Thursday evening after fans had been asking why they had been looking different in their posts. Geiger responded and snapshotted the comment to post onto their Instagram feed. His response was a heartfelt and emotional message, being explicitly candid with his fans on exactly what is going on in his life. The post was short and sweet, Geiger writing, “I have been this way for a looooong time.”


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The public and emotional display were so well received by his fans following his announcement. Majority of the comments on the post sharing congratulations and heartfelt messages of love for Geiger. He recognized it in another post on his Instagram page the next morning.

Congratulations to you Teddy!

Keep up with Teddy on social media:

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Twitter: @teddygeiger

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