The ‘Riverdale’ Hangout Spots Based on Real Places

Several spots where the ‘Riverdale’ characters hang out are actually real places

Although the fictional Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe was built and currently filmed in a lot, the pilot episode was filmed at a place called Rocko’s Diner in British Columbia, Canada. Even though the real diner wasn’t used in any other episodes, the diner is used in many commercials for the show.

Since the show’s airing a lot of people have started going to Rocko’s Diner to get a taste of the show and be in the same space where stars like KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse once were. Many are also interested in sitting where the gang usually sits which is understandable as they want to get the ‘Riverdale’ vibe they’ve seen on TV.

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Rocko’s Diner has also been featured on several other movies like “Horns”, “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief”, and “Kill Among Us.” The diner has been open for several years and is one of the few Mom-and-Pop family owned diners in the British Columbia area. They offer popular shakes named after the show’s characters such as the Archie Shake which is a strawberry apple pie flavor as well and the Jughead Shake which tastes like a jolly rancher.

While there are many who want to go to this diner, some many want to go to the Whyte Wrym ( The Southside Serpents’ hangout). This place is based on a place called Gabby’s Country Cabernet which is located less than an hour away from Vancouver. Imagine seeing FP in a western-style getup and singing country music; many people would pay good money to see that.

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