Lime Crime Releases New Set of Hair Dyes

Lime Crime is adding four new colors to their dye collection.

The new additions to the collection are dyes meant for brunette and naturally-colored dark haired girls who have wanted to try the dye in the past. The colors that are being added are : Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal, and Sea Witch. While the colors are not as bright and bubbly as what is shown in the collection already, it is perfect for girls trying to embrace their inner goth. The new additions will be available starting Oct. 24th.

The collection, called “Dark Unicorn,” already has over 10 different colors that can be used as a semi-permanent hair dye. The colors include “Blue Smoke,” “Jello,” “Pony,” “Bubblegum Rose,” and “Valentine.” The line is vegan and cruelty-free. One cool detail about this line is that there are two different formulas: full coverage and tint. Full Coverage is designed to add deep, rich pigment to strands while Tint should be used to create a pastel glaze on platinum blonds.  For the dyes that are already in the collection, these should be used on medium blond or lighter colors.

How long your dye job depends on how you care for your hair. However, if you’re very cautious it should last up to six weeks.

To get more updates on Lime Crime and the rest of their hair dye collection, check out their social media:

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