Check Out This Revamped Eyeshadow Trend From NYX Cosmetics

It’s called “glossy eyes.”

There are always new beauty trends to try out and experiment with. Well, now we have another one to add to this list. This new beauty trend is called glossy eyes, just as it looks. Now instead of the popular matte and shimmery eyeshadows, people are straying away from that and opting for a glossy eyelid.

Although people say that it has been around for years, it just recently became a popular everyday look.

To get the glossy look is quite easy. You will just need either the Lid Lacquer ($7) from NYX, Eye Gloss Smudger ($30) from YSL, Studio Eye Gloss ($22) from MAC, or a similar product. The MAC Studio Eye Gloss is a good choice because it has color in it! If you opt for a clear eye gloss you should apply your eyeshadow first and then a gloss on top. However, this trend is fun to experiment with. Some people say to put the gloss on first and then the eyeshadow.

If you don’t have time to go to the store and you want to rock a glossy eye tonight, try using lip balm, Vaseline, or lip gloss on your eyelids! It will have the same effect.

Photo/Instagram: @NYXCosmetics

Twitter: @NYXCosmetics