Emma Stone Kills it as Billie Jean King



Emma Stone and Steve Carell are the stars of the 2017 biographical sports movie, Battle of the Sexes. Stone plays Billie Jean King, former World No. 1 professional tennis player. Carell plays Bobby Riggs, who King plays and beats in a televised exhibition match.  Many say it was Stone’s best performance yet.

Stone was perfect for the role and truly in tune with her character. She portrays King well, getting into a character of a person who made history.

While the movie is about the match between King and Riggs, it focuses on much more than that. It shows the struggle for women at the time and lack of equality, also touching on Kings affair with a hairdresser. The directors did not want to miss anything or mess anything up. All the reviews were positive, explaining how the film takes real historic events and turning them into crowd-pleasing and well-acted scenes.

This movie is perfect for history buffs, feminist, sports fans, men and women alike. Carell and Stone are typically known for their works in comedy, but both have performances of their lives in Battle of the Sexes.

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