‘Black Panther’ Actors Want The Film To Crossover

This role is expected to break barriers in the comic world.

For years comic books have only shown male superheroes as white males with immaculate powers. The roles are expected to change come this winter with Black Panther. This movie will be the first Marvel franchise that casts black males as the superheroes. It is premiering in February of next year and it already has people talking. As the first comic book movie to feature a high ratio of black casts, that is to be expected.

Black Panther star Sterling K. Brown expressed his eagerness for the kids seeing this movie. He recalled growing up as a child and never seeing a superhero that resembled himself. This movie is also meant to inspire children of other races. His castmate, Chadwick Boseman, stated: “I’ve seen little white kids dressed up as T’Challa.” Bringing children together of all races is truly a goal this movie will accomplish.

We are excited for Black Panther and cannot wait to see what these actors do next.

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