Lego Honors the Women of NASA

Stepping on those tiny Lego blocks will always suck, but at least the toy company’s latest announcement doesn’t.The company has over the last few years tried gearing its products to both boys and girls. However, Lego’s latest roll out though is the first time that girl power and play time collide for the company, announcing today that the “Women of NASA” collection would be making its debut in New York City on October 28th and worldwide November 1st.

Image Credit: Nasa

The collection includes 231 pieces for the builder to use to create spaceships, telescopes, and much more. As for the figurines, Lego chose to feature the first African-American woman to travel to the moon Mae Jemison, the first woman astronaut to travel to space Sally Ride, astronomer behind the Hubble telescope Nancy Roman, and software programmer for the Apollo space mission Margaret Hamilton.

Photo: NASA

The “Women of NASA” collection comes a year after the release of the film Hidden Figures, which was based on the true story of three African-American female mathematicians who assisted in the mission of astronaut John Glenn.

Margaret Hamilton stands next to a stack of Apollo Guidance Computer source code. Credits: Courtesy MIT Museum

The Lego set is priced at $24.99, a perfect gift this holiday season for any girl you know reaching for the stars.

Photo/ Instagram: @lego

Twitter: @LEGO_Group


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