Amazon Studios Roy Price Steps Down After Sexual Harassment Claims

Roy Price, head of Amazon Prime global content and Amazon Studios, had been with the company for three years before stepping down.Allegations were brought forth by producer Isa Hackett, who worked on the Amazon original series Man in the High Castle. She told Hollywood Reporter in a story ran back on October 12 that Price’s unwanted advances and his crude remarks towards her took place back in 2015.

The incident occurred during a convention in San Diego, where Hackett told the Hollywood Reporter that Price said to her, “You will love my d**k.”

After these allegations had arisen, Price’s fiancé Lila Feinberg called off their wedding. This was just a day before he stepped down from Amazon on the 17th.

Hackett said she was inspired to come forward with this occurrence after the women who were harassed and sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein spoke up. Over 50 women have come forward with their stories against Weinstein, and many more are making their way forward with stories of other male executives within the industry that have abused their power. From Reese Witherspoon to Jennifer Lawrence telling their stories, brave women have found strength in numbers.

Hackett closed her interview with this comment, “It is said over and over and sounds like a cliché, but we desperately need more women in leadership positions in Hollywood. There’s a culture of harassment [in Hollywood] and we need an infusion of new and diverse leadership, not just including women but gay people, people of color, people with disabilities — people with the full spectrum of life experience.”