This Stylist Makes A Statement With Her Platinum Blonde Hair

Who says you have to be light to rock blonde?

The internet is going crazy over this Instagram stylists appearance. She shared her new hairstyle and quoted the caption as “Don’t let them tell you you’re “too dark” .. like what even is that ??😜.” This girl is breaking stereotypical opinions that dark skin women are not meant to wear blonde hairstyles. As shown, blonde hair can look beautiful on every person.



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For years dark skin women have been held back from trying certain styles based on the negative feedback that they receive from society. They either avoid blonde hair, bright makeup shades, and/or wearing their natural hair. Women are now deciding to do whatever they please with their hair, makeup, and fashion choices. Young girls who feel they cannot do something can now see someone like themselves and have the motivation to achieve that as well. It all comes down to doing what makes you happy and comfortable with yourself.

I heard blondes do it better ?👀😝#africanbarbie #tapfordeets

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We love seeing women express themselves the way they see it.

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