Lauren Jauregui Shares A Warm Message For National Coming Out Day

She shares her love and support for these brave individuals.

For National Coming Out Day, Lauren shared a compelling post to support those wishing to participate. Just last year Lauren came out as bisexual and felt it was one of the strangest things she has done. In support of LGBTQ, she wants to help people be who they want to be and to live their best lives. “Happy #nationalcomingoutday to all of my lovely queer humans❤ all of you who have stood proudly in your truth, I am so proud of your courage to love yourself in this world.” Lauren stated. This post was definitely needed to show support to an emerging community.

Though LGBTQ is becoming a normal thing in this country, there are still some outside pressures that prevent one from expressing their true self. Pressures from family, friends, or even certain opportunities could keep someone restricted. Posts like Lauren’s are empowering and help to show this is normal and that there is a community willing to take you in. Lauren ended her message by stating: “Just a quick little post to let you all know you are loved, important and valuable.”

Happy National Coming Out Day to all of our LGBTQ babes.

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Instagram/Photo: @laurenjauregui

Twitter: @LaurenJauregui

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