California Fires Force Production to Stop on “13 Reasons Why”

The northern California fires, which have been raging on since earlier this month, have claimed 32 lives and left thousands without a home.“13 Reasons Why” is currently in production for its second season, and was filming in Vallejo, California. Vallejo has been hit particularly bad by the wildfires, which led to the decision to hold off on filming until this Sunday. This came days after California declared a state of emergency due to the fires.

Many people on the show’s set resided within the area affected, and were flown back to their homes as a courtesy.

Those on the show have taken to Twitter to offer their love and thoughts to those dealing with the tragedy of these fires, including Dylan Minette, who plays the main character Clay.


Along with stopping production of this popular show, the fire has burned down the home of the famous “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz. His widow was able to make it out safely before the fire claimed the house.

Our hearts go out to everyone in California right now dealing with these horrific events, along with our thoughts and prayers.

Photo/ Instagram: @13reasonswhy

Twitter: @13reasonswhy


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