Gucci Goes Fur Free

Gucci recently announced that they would be going fur-free starting with their 2018 collection

This is absolutely huge is the fashion world. Many major designer names such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have all also taken this same pledge.

They will no longer sell mink, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit, coyote or any other fur especially if it comes from animals that are bred or caught in the wild. Faux-fur and wool will be used instead as well as new fabric innovations that are popping up.

Their decision comes from a shift in generations. Millennials are much more worried about the environment they are living in and care about the welfare of animals. People of ages 18 to 34 make up more than half of Gucci customers, so this is a brilliant move by the company. The financial impact Gucci will experience is also small, fur only accounted for around 10 million pounds annually in revenues.

Kitty Block, the president of Humane Society International, says that this is a game changer. Gucci is making a statement that the future is fur-free.

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