Logan Browning Looks Stunning in Latest Instagram Post

Aside from potentially becoming an Instagram model, this Meet the Browns actress has an upcoming season renewal.


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Looking absolutely gorgeous in black boots and multicolored printed dress, Browning owns the picture with the caption reading “Nothing less than above”. While kneeling in front of a picture of English singer-song writer Sade with one of her song titles, “Lovers Rock” written vertically beside it.

Logan’s latest work, starring in the television adaptation of the movie Dear White People is set to release next year with even more daring story lines. The series depicts various aspects of discrimination faced by a diverse group of students who attend a mostly Caucasian Ivy League college.

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Apart from her acting career, Browning seems to be enjoying her adventurous side escaping to Wiltshire to visit the Stonehenge, as well as the Globe Theater (home of Shakespeare). I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Logan and her ever-growing career.

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Instagram/ Photo Credit: @LoganLaurice