Reporter Jourdan Rodrigue Apologizes for Racist Tweets After Incident with Cam Newton

Racist tweets discovered from reporter Jourdan Rodrigue after Cam Newton’s controversial sexist remarks.

Cam Newton got into hot water after he made some sexist remarks during a press conference earlier this week. Female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue asked him a question about football, to which he responded that it was funny to hear a female speak about routes. Rodrigue confronted him later to clarify his statements, to which he replied he should have said “reporters” instead of “females.”

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Jourdan is a news reporter with the Charlotte Observer. Her work content focuses on hard news. She was a Penn State Football Beat Reporter before working with the Charlotte Observer. She has assisted in the production of sport-related videos for YouTube, on-air reports, and a podcast.

A few hours after her conversation with Cam Newton, it was discovered that over four years ago she had written some racist tweets and others about her father being a racist.  Tweets surfaced that Rodrigue had sent out in 2012-13, where she used the “n-word” and claimed to laugh at her father’s racist jokes while traveling. “He’s the best,” she replied in a tweet. “Racist jokes the whole way home.”

She has since apologized for them in the tweet below.

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

Some accepted her apology but Evan Turner, a basketballer with the Portland Trail Blazers pointed out that she doesn’t find a sexist joke funny, but she finds racist jokes funny in a tweet (seen below):

Evan Turner on Twitter

Mf don’t find sexist jokes funny but thinks racist jokes are funny. Then the light shines on her and now she claiming she changed.

But, two wrongs never make a right. What are your thoughts on this issues?

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