Did You Know These Celebs Starred in “Sleepover?”

Before Evan Peters was “American Horror Story’s” heartthrob and after Alexa Vega saved her parents from a genetic scientist is “Spy Kids”, they starred together in the 2014 film “Sleepover.” Vega played Julie Corky and Peters played the nerdy Russell, also known as SpongeBob.

The movie’s plot is a typical feud between the popular clique and the “losers.” Julie and her friends are not considered popular and after graduating the 8th grade, the girls have a sleepover that turns into a crazy, drama filled night. The leader of the popular clique, Staci Blake played by Sara Paxton, gets ditched by her high school “boyfriend’ after not wanting to make out with him in his car. She then comes up with a scavenger hunt and shows up at Julie’s house to challenge the group to see who can find all the items first. The winner gets to sit at the fountain during lunch the next year in high school and the losers will have to sit by the trash cans.

The two Cliques embark on this adventure. The list includes stealing a cop car’s decal, getting a stranger to buy them drinks at a club, and stealing a pair of boxers from none other than Julie’s Crush, Steve Phillips.

Throughout the movie there is fighting and drama within the friend groups, but it just brings the girls closer and not to ruin the ending, but the “losers” win the fountain spot and Julie gets the guy.

If you haven’t seen the film, make sure to check it out on iTunes.

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