Sephora’s New Fenty Beauty Gift Card

Fill all of your Fenty Beauty needs

Have you been wanting to get your hands on all of the latest Fenty products? Well, with the holiday season coming right around the corner there is now a chance that you won’t have to drop any money on these amazing new beauty products.

Sephora has just come out with a special Fenty Beauty gift card.

This gift card is sleek and black with a white box in the middle that says “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna”. The word “Perfect” is also written across the top to represent that Rihanna has crafted the perfect shades for any skin tone. Not only is this the perfect gift for your makeup loving friends, but it is also a perfect, easy gift to ask your family members for Christmas. Gift cards just got cool again. We guarantee that when you open this gift card there will be so much excitement you won’t be able to contain it.

Make sure to add this to your holiday wish list this season. Follow them on social media for more updates.

Instagram: @Sephora

Twitter:  @Sephora

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