What Can’t Rihanna do?

If you think that Rihanna is just an amazing singer, you are wrong. The 29 year old singer/songwriter has had 14 number ones the Billboard Hot 100 and won many awards, including numerous Grammys. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past year, you are probably aware that she is also an extremely successful business woman.

This past year she has dropped her own beauty line called Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. She is also a global ambassador for Puma as well as a creative director for them. She has her own collection of shoes and apparel through Puma also named after herself. P.S. if you didn’t know Rihanna’s real name it’s Robyn Fenty. She has also designed clothing lines for Armani and River Island in the past. You might not know that she has even dabbled in the television industry. She developed and executive produced the series titled, “Styled to Rock,” both the U.S. and U.K. versions.

Are you not impressed yet? She sings, she acts, she models, she designs clothes, she produces T.V. series, and has her legs insured by Gillette for $1 million.  The best part is, she gives back.  She works with 23 charities and 24 causes. In 2006, she actually created the Believe Foundation to help terminally ill children. She is not only extremely beautiful and talented, she has a good heart. How could you not love her?

Twitter: @rihanna

Instagram/Photo: @badgalriri