Nikkie Tutorials Rocks Natural Beach Waves + Reviews WunderBrow

How can you achieve the natural beach babe look?

YouTube sensation Nikkie Tutorials will surely teach you how to style her latest look posted to her Instagram through her popular beauty channel “NikkieTutorials.” Nikkie is displayed wearing an endless cascading stream of blonde curls with a perfect and glowing peach and pink inspired face.

This is not the only look you can achieve through Nikkie’s informative YouTube channel as in Monday’s video she tests out and reviews what is regarded as the world’s best eyebrow product called “WunderBrow.” The video showcases Nikkie reading the instructions given on the “WunderBrow” packaging that claims the makeup wears off when you want it to.

Nikkie Tutorials first shot to fame with her video entitled “The Power of Makeup” that ranked in a total of 36 million views worldwide. Since then Nikkie has made numerous videos depicting the best brands and techniques used in the beauty industry.

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