A Lauren Akins And Thomas Rhett Kinda Love

In this day and age of texting 24/7, “Netflix and Chill,” and social media, many want to say that chivalry is dead.

Thomas Rhett Akins proves that statement to be very wrong.

Twitter started buzzing about the couple back in 2016 and has not let up since. Girls tweet about how the couple is “goals” or how they need a Thomas Rhett in their life.

Rhett and now wife, Lauren met when they were in the sixth grade and started dating in high school.  They broke up, and Lauren almost married another man when her father intervened and told Thomas to get it together. They began dating shortly afterward.

They got married at age 22, and during the first year of their marriage, they lived on a tour bus where they slept in a bunk bed smaller than a normal twin sized bed. Four years later, they decided to start a family when the encountered issues with getting pregnant. They began the adoption process, and Lauren discovered she was pregnant. They now had two beautiful daughters, Willa and Ada.

Rhett’s latest album is dedicated to his wife who he said is his biggest inspiration.  Every picture you see, the couple is happy, each bearing the biggest, most genuine smile.

By doing the little things like opening the door for her and remembering the things she tells him, Thomas Rhett makes his wife the happiest girl in the world, so boys take notes.

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Photo: @Laur_akins