Zendaya Slays In “Versace On The Floor” Music Video


Zendaya stars in Bruno Mars’ latest music video.

Bruno Mars is all over the radio with his new hit, “Versace On The Floor” and we were expecting a music video.

On August 13th, we got a pleasant surprise when Bruno dropped a video with Zendaya as the star, killing it in a beautiful gold Versace dress. The video starts with her and Bruno standing next to each other, giving one another looks, then they part ways into their separate rooms. For the remainder of the video, Bruno plays the piano in his room, and she can hear through her door right next to his. By the end of the video, yep you guessed it, her Versace dress ends up on the floor, and the video concludes with a knocking noise.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you definitely should!

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