This is Us Emmy Nomination Revoked


This Is Us has lost one of its eleven Emmy nominations.

According to Variety Magazine, the Television Academy revoked the show’s nomination for “Outstanding Contemporary Costumes”.

Due to the show’s time hopping plotline, the Academy ruled that the nomination would be ineligible.

The rules say that about “51% of the content must take place within the last 25 years for a show to be eligible in the contemporary category.”

Apparently, the shows amount of flashbacks to the 1970s contributed to this abrupt change in the Emmy lineup. While this may seem like a major bummer, we are positive the cast and crew are still excited to be nominated in ten other incredible categories! Fingers crossed that they will come home with at least one award!

The empty slot has been filled by another amazing television program, House of Cards. If you have not seen either show yet, you better catch up!

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