Stores with Student Discounts

j crew

Much needed info!

With all the demands that come with being a high school or college student, our expenses can pile up quickly. Thankfully, there are multiple stores that are willing to give us a break by offering student discounts. If you’re looking to save cash, definitely check out these places!

For apparel, Banana Republic offers 15% off full priced items. ASOS gives 10% off full priced products. If you show your school ID, J. Crew and Madewell gives 15% off. Steve Madden also offers 10% off with your school ID. Lastly, TopShop gives 10% off in stores and online when you register.

Next time you go out to eat with friends, be sure to suggest these places! Buffalo Wild Wings and Subway offers 10% discount with your student ID (varies based on location). Qdoba offers a free drink for students when you purchase a meal. The majority of Dairy Queens offer 10% discount with your student ID.

As the summer quickly comes to an end and we are looking towards buying school supplies, make sure to check out Amazon because they have a free six-month trial for Amazon Prime. Barnes and Nobles allows you to save up to 90% on used textbooks and rentals. Students can save up to $300 on a MacBook and it includes a free pair of Beats wireless headphones.

Even if stores aren’t extremely vocal about their discounts, many stores do offer them for students and we should be taking full advantage of them! Remember to carry your student ID when you go shopping!

Photo/Instagram: @JCrew