“Raven’s Home” Is A Hit


It’s official! Raven’s Home premiered with a huge hit last week.

The official account for the revival series made a celebratory statement on Twitter: “It’s official! #1 live-action cable TV series premiere in 2 years amongst kids and tweens! WELCOME HOME @ravensymone!”

There was no doubt that the revival series would be a hit. Older fans have been talking about how much they missed the psychic and sassy teenager whose larger than life personality used to dominate Disney Channel. Now that it’s back, it’s undeniably going to influence a whole new group of young girls who are strong, courageous, and independent—just like Raven was. Raven is an icon for numerous reasons and Disney is smart for bringing back main characters of diverse races, weights, and personalities. Raven is a hit because Raven is just like real women. Thank you, Disney.

Congratulations to Miss Symoné and the cast!

Instagram/Photo: @ravensymone

Twitter: @ravensymone