‘Psych: The Movie’ Is Coming In December


It’s official! Psych: The Movie will premiere in December on the USA Network. Fans of the show have been incredibly excited about the announcement. It’s been about three years since  you saw Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton Guster (Dulé Hill) getting into their classic, goofy shenanigans, and you probably can’t wait to see them reunite.

According to Entertainment Weekly, not only will Zachary Levi be playing the movie’s villain as Thin White Duke, but it also looks like no one will be missing from the main cast. And that even includes Timothy Omundson, who played Detective Lassiter in the series.

Omundson suffered a stroke back in May, which meant that creator Steve Franks and James Roday had to completely rework the script. Lassiter has always been a huge part of the series’ storyline, so his absence created an obstacle of sorts for the writers. Although he will not be in every part of the movie, he will most definitely be in it.

Shawn’s dad will also be going through some major fashion changes in the movie. In the series, it seemed like he wore a different Hawaiian shirt for every occasion. But the movie is going to explore more of his hipster tastes.

December can’t come any sooner! Check out the show’s social media accounts while you wait for the movie to air!

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