‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Seven Details Revealed At Comic-Con


It looks like you’ll finally got some more details about what’s going on for the seventh season of Once Upon A Time. *Spoiler Alert*

Since Jennifer Morrison and a couple of other key cast-mates announced their departure, fans have been eagerly awaiting to see how the show would deal with this major changes. During this year’s Comic-Con panel, the show’s creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, shared some pretty significant details.

According to Pop Sugar, the first scene features Henry leaving the world he always knew in search of new discoveries in different realms. As fate would have it, he meets Cinderella. The show’s creators also talked about who and what he would be encountering in the upcoming season:

“Henry has left home and he wants to go visit other storybooks with different stories and different characters. He obviously falls in love with Cinderella, much like the romance his grandparents had. What happens, which is what always happens, is he gets into some trouble and he calls out for help from his family. The three people that you see on the stage that you know and love [Regina, Rumple, and Hook] come to his rescue.”

The first episode of the seventh season will premiere October 6 on ABC.

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