Moms Support Pink


As if P!nk isn’t already getting enough negative comments about her parenting styles on her Instagram and Twitter page, she was recently the target of some online bullies.

While these trolls’ comments came from a place of concern, it’s enough to say that some people should mind their own business and stop shaming mothers for the way they raise their kid.

After she posted a pretty cute picture of her and her two kids cooking in the kitchen, some commenters made it clear that they disliked the way she was using a hot pan in front of her baby. However, some moms came to the singer’s defense, saying that women shouldn’t be knocking other women down. Others also commented on how hard it us to juggle multiple kids while cooking and preparing multiple food.

Whatever parenting style mothers opt to use, it’s whatever works for them in the long run!

Instagram/Photo: @pink

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