Selena Gomez Brings in 25 With Chill Vibes and Her People

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Happy Birthday, Selena Gomez!


Yesterday was our girl, Selena Gomez, 25th birthday and after the songs from her new album, especially “Fetish” how could we miss it. Gomez has always been a chill low key girl who just loves quality time with her loved ones so her birthday was exactly that. Gomez invited a few people over to her house party/get together where light blue and white balloons filled the kitchen. In her latest photo via Instagram, the chillness of this birthday vibe was 100 percent noticeable as many of her guests are vibing with Gomez in T-shirts and tank tops as she captions the photo “My people.” Keeping her birthday simple and real.


Who needs a luxurious 25, when you can have a memorable quality birthday with those you love. And if you are wondering, “Where’s The Weeknd?” He is busy performing, but according to some sources he has a romantic evening planned to celebrate her birthday and cannot wait to see her as soon as he gets back.


Happy Birthday, Gomez. We wish you the best and hope you have and will continue to enjoy The Weeknd.

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