Arrested Development Gets a Fifth Season


Netflix is finally releasing the fifth season of Arrested Development.

Although it won’t be coming out for another year or so, this is pretty great news especially since the last season came out all the way back in 2013.

Because there’s been such a huge gap between the last and forthcoming season, the show will be addressing many of the political changes that have been happening for the past couple years.

Jason Bateman, who plays Marty Byrde, recently interviewed with the Daily Beast and shared some significant details about the upcoming season. The show will be bringing in their signature dry humor and political satire as a take on Trump’s administration:

“None of that is lost on Mitch Hurwitz. He’s aware of all of that stuff. And he and his writing staff have been in a cave for the last two or three months crafting these episodes, and they’re going to lean into a lot of that Trump stuff for sure. They can’t wait.”

It looks like the fifth season will be more than hilarious—it’ll probably be pretty smart too.

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