Kesha Releases Behind The Scenes Video For ‘Praying’


After years of legal turmoil and pain, Kesha was finally able to release new music on her own terms.

She recently shared a behind the scenes video for her new “Praying” music video and revealed some details about the artistic inspirations behind her song.

When fans first heard her song, they were pretty shocked to hear how different Kesha sounded from her past records. She addressed this clearly in the video, and described “Praying” as a song that “showcases [her] voice in a way that [her] voice has never been showcased before in [her] entire life.”

We are so happy that Kesha has healed her wounds, and rose above the incredibly difficult times she went through. Not only does she deserve to be treated like the musical queen she is, but she also deserves all the praise and love she can possibly get.

Instagram/Photo: @iiswhoiis

Twitter: @KeshaRose