There Is A New Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss

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Who knew fidget spinners could get any better!

My lip gloss is poppin! My lip gloss is cool! And now my lip gloss is spinning!

Fidget spinner lip gloss is the latest trend if 2017. A fidget spinner is a popular stress relieving toy, and it is now combining with lip gloss!

Glamspin, the company who came up with the genius idea, boasts that the new product allows you to “gloss your lips while you fidget.”

The product costs $9.99 and will begin shipping in mid July! It includes three fruity flavors: peach whirl, strawberry cyclone, and grape twist. According to Teen Vogue, it is a collaboration between BuzzFeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty.

You need to check out this innovative fidget spinner with a beauty twist! This is the new must-have item!

Instagram/Photo: @glamspinner

Website: Glam Spin