Karen Gillan Wants To Clear The Air


The trailer for Jumanji has recently been released, but there’s an important question that’s been popping up in everyone’s head.

Why is Karen Gillan’s character dressed in such a stereotypical outfit? This isn’t the first time people have been wondering about Gillan’s costume choice. When movie stills were first released, Gillan had to respond to the backlash quickly:

“Jumanji! Yes, I’m wearing child-sized clothes and YES there is a reason! The pay off is worth it, I promise!”

The trailer revealed that the upcoming film would focus on four teens that are zapped into an old video game called Jumanji. Having chosen their respective avatars, one of the characters realizes that she has chosen Ruby Roundhouse (who looks like your stereotypical video game character).

It looks like the film will poke fun at this sexist trope, but at the same time we can’t know for sure until we watch the movie. Fingers crossed that Ruby Roundhouse will successfully erase these tropes by the end of the movie, and become the badass heroine she was always meant to be.

Instagram/Photo: @karengillanofficial