Gabby Sidibe Loves Herself And You Should Too


You might know incredible actress Gabby Sidibe from critically the acclaimed film Precious and the hit show Empire.

Not only did Precious nab six Academy Award nominations, but Sidibe also earned herself a nomination for the highly coveted Best Actress slot for the Golden Globes as well as the Academy Awards. And yet, Sidibe has to fight against body shaming on the daily.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Sidibe described how people congratulating her on her weight loss didn’t necessarily feel good:

“Congratulations on your weight loss!’ It doesn’t rock me. It just annoys me because I’m just like, don’t congratulate me on that. If you’re going to congratulate me on my weight loss, also congratulate me every time I pee. Congratulate me every time I’m burping. Because my body actually has nothing to do with you, and I don’t really need your support for it. It seems ill-placed. I don’t need your support.”

It also seems like your girl has the perfect response to those who “handed her a hate-list” of all the things people hated about her: make yourself a love list of all the things you love about yourself.

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