Troian Bellisario Is Inviting You To Watch Her New Film “Feed”

19227793_1419326278162153_466539568397549568_nHere’s Your Chance to Join Troian!

Troian is calling out to all her fans from the SoCal area to watch her new film with her on the movie’s release night.

Feed follows Troian, who plays the role of Olivia and is joined by Tom Felton, who plays her twin brother, Matthew Grey. The two navigate through their final year of high school together. Although Matthew is killed in a car accident early in the movie, his ghost continues to follows her and they remain connected throughout the year. In the trailer, it shows that Olivia is struggling in her daily life trying to live without her twin brother while also struggling with an eating disorder.

The film is very personal to Troian and is also loosely based on her struggle with anorexia, a severe eating disorder.


Visit her Instagram page to find out how you can join her. If you are not in the SoCal area, the film will be released on July 18th, 2017. You may watch the trailer below.

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Instagram/Photo: @sleepinthegardn

Twitter: @SleepintheGardn