Life Size 2 Might Include Lindsay Lohan


Good news is in store for Disney Channel lovers.

Remember the iconic movie that shot Lindsay Lohan into fame? (Not Parent Trap…) It was with the incredible Tyra Banks where she starred as an actual doll that came to real life. Yes, you guessed it: Life-Size. Well, it’s 17 years later, and in the era of sequels and remakes, it seems like Banks has been onboard with the creative process of Life-Size 2. It’s been confirmed since April that the sequel will be officially happening. According to Bustle, the film will be much more progressive than the first in terms of how it will deal with what’s going on in today’s world through Eve’s eyes. The film is set to premiere on the Freeform channel during the 2018 holiday season.

Banks recently reconnected with Lohan on Twitter, briefly exchanging some cute tweets that led Tyra to say, “Thanks Casey, xoxo Eve!”

That was essentially enough for fans to believe that Lohan may be coming back. Although it’s yet to be confirmed, Banks has expressed interest in the past about bringing her back. We hope to see the duo again!

Instagram/Photo: @tyrabanks

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