Sasha Obama’s Real Name Isn’t Sasha

2017-06-13 (1)

You’ve all been deceived for eight long years.

You’ve spent the last eight years accustomed to the Obama family living in the White House and being the epitome of First Families. Barack and Michelle Obama have two biological daughters named Sasha and Malia. Well, think again America, because Sasha’s real name isn’t Sasha.

*insert MAJOR gasp!*

It turns out that Sasha is a nickname for her real name, Natasha, which has been on Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page the whole time, by the way. And during her summer gig at Martha’s Vineyard, she went by that name.

The internet, by the way, is freaking out.


Who knows what the truth is anymore. We can’t handle the truth; you can’t handle the truth.

Instagram/Photo: @michelleobama44

Twitter: FLOTUS44