Sarah Ramos Creates Her Own Web Series


If you don’t already know who she is, you soon will. Sarah Ramos, who played Haddie on Parenthood, created a new web series called City Girl. What’s most surprising about it? It’s actually based on a script she wrote when she was only 12 years old. According to the official website where her web series can be viewed, it’s about “a young woman who has a career, migraines, and a complicated love life.”

She is also campaigning for an Emmy, and if the campaign is successful, City Girl could be one of the first web series to win the award. Her inspirations actually come from Legally Blonde. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Ramos explained, “She was just the epitome of the fashionista character I grew up with.”

Let’s hope that Ramos will indeed get her Emmy nod, as the web series looks like a fun and carefree departure from the darker shows that have been the making headlines today.

You can watch the web series on YouTube channel.

Instagram/Photo: @saraheramos

Twitter: @sarahramos