Marshmello’s Remix To ‘Mask Off’ Comes Out This Friday

marshmelloAre you ready for the hype? Marshmello’s remix to Future’s song “Mask Off” is coming out this Friday.

The infamous Marshmello is ready to drop some sick beats with his upcoming mix to “Mask Off.”
It all started when Future’s hit song came out in April. Since its release on the radio, “Mask Off” has been played nonstop. You’ve probably heard the catchy chorus: “Mask on, bleep it, mask off.” Hitting number 46 on the Billboard 100 proves this is a song you can jam to.
Marshmello, a newer DJ, has quickly made his way to the top of EDM music. You might remember Marshmello from his hit remix songs “Ritual,” “Keep It Mello,” “Alone,” and “Sing Me To Sleep.” It’s impossible to miss this DJ with the huge marshmallow head he uses to perform. No wonder this dude is selling out full shows, from Red Rocks in Colorado to Bonaroo in Tennessee. This is  definitely an artist you have to check out.
Expect something you can dance to with a touch of Future’s awesome rap lyrics. Catch Marshmello’s mix to “Mask Off” this Friday. We’re sure you’ll be jamming to it all summer long.

Twitter/ Photo: @marshmellomusic

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