America Holds The Record For The World’s Longest Pizza

2017-06-13 (2)

That’s a whole lotta pizza!

Imagine a stream of pizza, cheesy waves splashing everywhere, and toppings galore. Something you’d never thought possible has become a reality. A mile long pizza has been made and perfected in California, and it has broken records. America now holds the Guinness World Record for the longest pizza ever.

June 10 at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, seven men — Tony Gemignant, Giulio Adriani, Tom Lehmann, John Arena, Fred Mortati, Massimo Balacchi and Jimmy DeSisto —assembled and cooked a pizza that is about 6,330 feet long and approximately 1.2 miles of cheesy goodness.

A standard pizza is 12′ round, and people think that’s a big pizza.

While America received the award this year, it’s quick to come and go, as Italy held the record just last year. Italy’s pizza came in at 1.15 miles long, but to the Italians’ credit, they did add basil on top of their pizza.

Now, who will receive the crown next? Whoever it is better send out a lot of invitations because the whole world will want a slice!

Photo/Website: Guinness World Records

Instagram: @guinnessworldrecords

Twitter: @GWR