We Will Rise

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For many years, Michelle Obama has been investing her time in women’s rights to education in multiple areas across the globe. In her latest Instagram post, she congratulates CNN for the We Will Rise film being honored at the @Televisionacad Honors, a film that is focused on sharing the stories of women who experience constant obstacles to receive education, some having to walk 8 miles to go to school, move out of their villages, etc. This film is meant to showcase the complications and the circumstances that women from marginalized groups have to endure for schooling, a human right, to encourage the viewers to help and support them as well as bring awareness to the mass population through CNN and Michelle Obama’s platforms.


It is promised, that investing into a women’s education will guarantee a higher success rate and open up potentials for success and fruiting future passions. It may be easy to think that women have equal rights and their human rights after the womyn’s rights movement, but times are changing and women may be getting left behind, especially in other areas of the world. With technology, Michelle Obama helps not only bring awareness to these stories through speech, but also through the creation of beautiful and touching visuals. Congrats on the film!

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