Bella Thorne Plays A Trouble Maker For Her Next Role

bella thorne

Bella Thorne is going to be playing quite the troublemaker in her upcoming film, You Get Me, as a mysterious stranger turned crazed girl named Holly. 

The trailer opens up with a stereotypical break up between high school couple Tyler and Ali. As a result, Tyler spends an unforgettable night with Holly, not realizing her dangerous tendencies. It seems like it’s going to be a romantic movie of sorts, as it looks like the two are falling in love.

Well, midway through the trailer, things start to change for the worst. Although the trailer shows Tyler and Ali getting back together, that doesn’t mean it’s happily ever after. After Holly shows up at his high school, things run amok as she slowly begins to make her way back into Tyler’s life…in a deadly fashion. Watch the trailer for yourself, as you see Thorne’s character slowly transition.

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