Sweet/Vicious Creator Reveals Show Ending


Fans of the show, Sweet/Vicious, were left with some saddening news this past April when it was revealed that it was cancelled.

The show detailed the lives of two college students, Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden), as they fought against other students who committed sexual assault across campus. Not only was it a story that many college women could very easily resonate with, but it also shed light on the very real issues of rape that often occur in college campuses today. It changed the way that rape is often depicted in countless television shows. (More often than not, it often acts as a plot device, spurring on a character’s motivation.)

And yet, Sweet/Vicious was different. Although we will not be able to see how the story ends, fans were awarded with something. Creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson discussed how she wanted to end the show, and on what terms she wanted to end it on during the ATV Television Festival in Austin, Texas:

“In terms of the five-year plan, I always knew how I wanted to end the show. And I also purposefully ended this first season in a way where Jules’ story, you got closure there, because I was like, who knows? For Jules and Ophelia, that show would have evolved with everything that’s happening in the world, and although I knew how I wanted it to end—I’ll day how I wanted it to end. I wanted to end with Ophelia going down for everything to give Jules the life that was taken away from her.”

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